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FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Apr 17, 2000


SEATTLE (AP) _ A police officer who shot an armed shoplifter to
death was regarded as an innovative cop who helped get drunks off
the street but had been accused of excessive use of force.

Tommie Doran, 42, a 15-year veteran of the city police force,
shot a man he had stopped for investigation of drunken driving in
the leg 12 years ago. He also has been accused of breaking a
homeless man's ankle with his billy club last September.

On Wednesday, Doran shot and killed David John Walker, 40, a
mentally ill man who had stolen food from a Queen Anne Safeway,
twice fired a gun and brandished a kitchen knife. Police said Doran
opened fire after Walker lunged with the knife.

Black community leaders have demanded an independent
investigation, questioning whether the shooting was racially
motivated. As a standard procedure, Doran has been on
administrative leave since the shooting.

In the International District, he worked for years to help stop
the sale of cheap fortified wine, install better lighting and clean
up transient camps in a community policing program recognized last
year by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

In 1988, Doran stopped a 23-year-old man for investigation of
drunken driving. He said he was kicked hit and knocked to the
ground, then fired once and wounded the motorist in the leg after
the man ignored a warning to stop the attack.

Last September 9, according to a damage claim filed with the
city, Doran used his baton to break the right ankle of Richard
Barbee, 49, who was sleeping with two other homeless people in a
tent at Kobe Terrace Park in the International District.

Barbee's feet were sticking of the tent when he felt intense
pain and realized he was being bashed in the leg, according to
court papers filed by his lawyer, Lembhard Howell.

When he asked why, Howell wrote, Doran said he was trying to
awaken Barbee.

``I hollered. You didn't hear,'' the claim quoted Doran as
saying. ``I thought I would give you a reason to hear me.''

Doran could not be reached for comment.

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