[HPN] Rural areas are NOT being represented well in the FY 2000 Census - AGAIN

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Dear Anne:

Thank you for your reply AND for making it happen for the homeless in Louisiana.
Since the Bureau itself has stated that each *counted homeless* person
represents less than 1/3 of the Homeless they recognize that do exist, your
efforts have had a major impact on the numbers for New Orleans.

If any of you can encourage and continue to encourage our folks to be sure all
the forms are mailed by April 18, it would be a great deal of help. The forms
CAN be mailed after that, but a master contact list for door to door *field*
follow-up is to be made from the April 18 date.

If YOUR shelter, house, soup kitchen, outreach program, can continue to ask the
homeless if they completed a census form and then report back a  tally to the
National Coalition for the Homeless, perhaps we can establish some area
benchmarks, OR get the census bureau to put ALL of our facilities that did not
receive a visit on the Follow-up contact list.

If you have any ideas PLEASE share them with all of us.  If your region or State
is planning to do any sort of Homeless Enumeration this year, please let us know
about that and who to contact as we would like to track those events and match
them with the Census data to see if there is a pattern of differences that can
be identified.

H. C. Covington, Executive Director
I CAN! America,  LLC
Management & Resource Consultants

Homeless & Housing Resource Center
1.800.678.5774   Fax 1.505.209.2619

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forms in battle with Census Bureau in Georgia

I work in a transtional housing program for women.  We have residents who
work and some go to school.  In the same building is a transitional program
for families with children. (The parents are required to work at least 30
hrs a week).  So it was a surprise when the census workers showed up one day
during lunch and wanted our residents to fill out the forms. (Only 3 people
were in the residence at that time.)  They didn't want to leave the forms,
they didn't want to come back that night. . .

So......desperate times call for desperate measures and our women have a
right to be counted.  So we were sworn in as volunteer census takers, the
forms were left with us and were picked up later by census staff and we were
ALL counted. (But it wasn't easy.)
Anne Smith,
New Orleans, LA