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Some of you may wish to join the *workfare ListServ too.  It has a good number
of people (like us) who have been there done that AND are there doing that.


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Men of color may be included in the larger group that stereotypes poor =
women, however, it is racist to point only to this group of people and =
ignore the majority of the hate mongers. The hate mongers are often =
middle to upper income persons (I hate the term 'class' and refuse to =
promote that there are differerent classes of humans!)
We cannot overlook the fact that the middle to upper income persons =
include women--yes women. The middle and upper income persons are almost =
always voters and they elect governments that promote 'poor bashing'. =
Look closely at Ontario where these voters have, by majority, =
elected--twice--a government that openly promises to rid society of the =
burden of supporting single parent families and the disabled.
The "why" is baffling to me, but it certainly
speaks well to the rights very successful strategy of divide and =

[Christine Wilson] =20
I am not at all baffled by this syndrome. You are right that this is a =
very successful strategy of divide and conquer. This strategy takes root =
in the middle to upper income groups who feed this propaganda to the =
masses, who, in turn, use the hype to attack one another.
You need only to look at the Ontario welfare snitch line and WHO =
utilizes it. Often, the rats are welfare recipients who use the line to =
eek out revenge on one another--even hoping that if they get enough =
people cut off benefits they will see an increase in their own!
Men--of every color--have walked away from countless babies. These men =
are living in denial that they did anything wrong and place the blame on =
the mothers of their children--hence, the reinforcement that you are =
speaking about.=20

When we are dissing and attacking each other, we aren't working on
fighting the REAL reson we are oppressed, are we?

[Christine Wilson] =20

When I choose to point out that a comment can be construed as racist, =
intentionally or not, it is not with the motive to diss or attack the =
writer. I do so to inform the writer of how I, and perhaps another, may =
have read the comment.
I go forward to protect where I see need and I won't apologise for that =
or bow to pressure remarks that imply that I am dodging the real issue.
To love one another and to battle racism, intolerance and ignorance are =
a very large part of the fight against poverty.



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