[HPN] Fw: Response to a "Poverty Bigot"

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Tue, 11 Apr 2000 07:45:45 -0500

              IDEAS, CAUSE POVERTY

     Too often people who *works hard for what they
have.*   Put down those with less, not those with an
over abundance, as causing the middle classes pain.

   They believe its a good thing for society to
continue in ignorance and growing poverty.  I am writing
to the uniformed,  the undecided who see Hope in our

  The Childrens Defense Fund does Not Rank merely on
solely how much money is spent on human lack. It found
Texas governor G. Bush ratings to be a dismal last in
the field of child poverty and health care.  Yet too
many focus on the short term financial outlay.  Rather
than deducing the long term, monetary taxpayers costs,
of protecting and uplifting our precious children.

      Few if any studies, have been done on the costs
of assistance wrongfully denied.  Forget the human
lost to denying assistance as food, healthcare to our
so called *Precious Future.*  Our actions tell them
they are worthless!  So they believe the lives of
others are worthless.  Then the upper classes refer to
the poor youths as *Acting like animals.*  Why not?
*society treats them as such.*

  Nationally 65% of those who cannot afford rent in
the dumpy district and to pay the electric or the heat
at the same time are the "working poor".  That
suggests to me that more than100 million people, are working as
hard as they can, merely not getting paid enough or
having the limit of their incomes exceeded, by greed
of others.

  Personally I think it would be a better world, if
all had incomes, within the basic needs levels.

  There is one place we both could agree upon.  The
money being spent on poverty is misspent.  I say its
misspent, because those in the welfare/poverty field
are being paid to turn away those who are eligible for
assistance.  Those making a living off poverty, make
more than given to the poor.

    In my humble opinion from the first row, we need
advocates of poverty who will work to reveal and
eliminate the root cause of Human Lack.   We live in
the richest country in the world there is NO Reason
for America to endure the nightmare caused by
societies false expectations, policies and ideas on poverty.

   We do not want handouts.  We want OUR IDEAS AND OUR VOICES  to be Heard; and
implemented for  "A cost-of-living freeze, with a livable wage for all."

    Listen to the poor, and call for Incomes - Within
Basic Needs Levels; that is what I say it will take to turn
around poverty.  I do not call not more spending, but for
WISER Spending

One estimate is we need to redistribute 0.02% of
the world wealth to end poverty.  Personally I want
people of all incomes even the very rich to be better

   Its time that the *people who works hard*, thinking the system
is great [when its has more holes then a moth infested
sweater] realize their misguided ideas cause human
lack to continue, and grow.  ~

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