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Gee this makes me want to spend $100.00 just to see what this 30 million dollar penal system looks like!!Not Really!!
A Brother In Strife And In Peace
PS.They can spend 30 million on incarcerating some one but only a dollar for housing the poor,working poor,disabled and homeless did I miss something here?

The following story appeared in The Globe Online: 
Date: 4/9/2000
Headline: Jail stay includes cookies with warden
Story Intro: 
Up in Berlin, they are calling it ''A Big Night at The Big House.'' For $100 you can sleep in a cell at the brand new, $30 million Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility. The opportunity is offered as part of an April 28 fund-raiser sponsored by the Northern White Mountain Chamber of Commerce and the local United Way.

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