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The only way you could have done it any better is to have lived it!
I say you Aced it..But who am I? Thank you very much and once things calm
down would love to see you do some postings to NHHomeless,you are absolutely
correct that one person can make a difference..especially if that person has
the a real inner passion to succeed.
I know I can,t save the world or help the whole world, but if I can help one
person in some small way each day then I am a worthy human being!
Abbe, I always  look for the good side of people it is there,and I work with
them on improving that quality,ignoring their faults because that is our
human traits..
A Brother In The Homeless Struggle
PS Thank you for the more than kind words about Linda and myself.

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 Hi!  I'm sorry I took so long to send this to you, I've had tests every
this week!  So here's a brief summary of what I wrote about in my speech.
It hasn't been marked yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I find out.
Here it is:

I began by acknowledging the fact that often many people choose to ignore
homelessness, and pretend it isn't a problem.
Then I spoke about some of the causes of people living on the streets,
as families which force their children out, people who are escaping
environments, etc.  I gave an example of a woman I know who got pregnant
the age of 17 or 18, and her mother forced to move out until the baby was
born and someone else was taking care of him.  She went to a shelter, but
made the point that their often aren't enough shelters for people to live
in, etc.  Then I spoke about what happens to people who live on the
beatings, murders, discrimination, starvation, child pornography, etc.
Disabilities are another cause, which led me to your story, about both
and Linda's disabilities, the story about custody over Linda's child with
the extended family and the courts.  I also spoke about the injustice of
disability checks, where you and Linda can't get married, because the
government, like you said, doesn't see that it's only a name on a piece of
paper that changes, not the disabilities, so why the penalty?
Then I spoke about how we ca help.  I mentioned NHHomeless, that plan put
together by more than 250 homeless people, and a whole list of reading
material and organizations (such as shelters and soup kitchens, for
that are in need of volunteers to help end this struggle.  I concluded
something that you had told me.  You said that anyone can become homeless;
it's not limited to only certain types of people.  It's a social disease
that attacks and involves everyone.  Anyone of us could be next.

That's the basic outline, but I feel like I only brushed upon the subject,
considering the five-minute time limit.  I could have written a book if
been able to say everything that I wanted to!  Still, even if I couldn't
relate to others everything that I have learned from you, Linda, and your
whole organization, at least I feel more educated on the matter myself,
that's something...one person can make a difference.  I must admit though,
feel very naive when I speak about homelessness, so I hope that I got
everything right; I hope that I got my point across!
Thanks again for everything!