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> The Gleitsman Foundation is a non-profit organization that recognizes and
> promotes social activism worldwide. In 1989, they established the Citizen
> Activist Award, it honors those who have challenged social injustice in
> United States. A $100,000 award is usually shared by two recipients. GUESS
> (ndy.org) is, in fact, they've organized a protest on MONDAY, APRIL 10TH
> the presentation ceremony.  Why, because:
> -Kevorkian is a serial killer,
> -the majority of his body count consists of people with nonterminal
> conditions and disabilities, mostly women and
> -a lot of these people had experienced prejudiced reactions from family
> friends and employers - lost jobs, homes, friends,
>  lovers when they became ill or disabled.
> Alan L. Gleitsman
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> Judges:
> Ted Danson
> C/o American Oceans Campaign
> 600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE  Suite 210
> Washington, DC 20003
> (202)544-3526 (P)
> (202)544-5625 (F)
> aocd@wizard.net .
> Morris Dees, Jr.
> Southern Poverty Law Center
> 400 Washington St.
> Montgomery, AL 36104
> (334)264-0268 (P)
> (334)262-2419 (F)
> Marian Wright Edelman
> Children's Defense Fund
> 25 E Street NW
> Washington, DC 20001
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> 202-662-3580 (F)
> cdfinfo@childrensdefense.org
> Stanley K. Sheinbaum
> C/o Human Rights Watch
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> Los Angeles, CA 90071-1508
> Telephone: 213-680-9906
> Fax: 213-680-9924
> E-mail: hrwla@hrw.org
> Gloria Steinem
> C/o Ms. Magazine
> 20 Exchange Place
> 22nd floor
> New York, NY 10005
> ph (212)509-2092
> fax (212)509-2407
> info@ms.magazine.com
> If you send a letter, email or fax to any of these people, NDY would
> appreciate you sending a copy to them, via fax or email. You can send
> copies to: ndyet@aol.com or fax to: 708-209-1735.
> Dear Mr. Gleitsman:
> Giving Jack Kevorkian a prestigious Citizen Activist Award in the 21st
> century for terminating the lives of people with disabilities is analogous
> to giving Adolph Hitler a Most Efficient Solution Award for his handling
> the Jewish question in the 1930's.
> The popular support Jack Kevorkian has for his final solution for people
> with disabilities is due mostly to the stereotypic view that the public
> of the quality of life that people with disabilities have.  The belief
> we suffer through life waiting for the "cure or the end" is one that
> permeates our society.  The reality is that the vast majority of people
> with disabilities are opposed to legally sanctioned physician
> killings.
> The question is not one of choice but a question of power.
> The medical profession has an inordinate amount of control even when
> are minimally sick,  consider the power they have when we are in pain or
> fearful of being institutionalized. Why would we give thesenindividuals
> even more power by sanctioning legalized killing.
> People with disabilities are one of the most oppressed minorities in the
> world.   Sterilized, institutionalized, put in segregated schools and
> unemployed even today at the rate of 75%,  people with disabilities have
> had to fight to begin to truly integrate into our communities.
> Jack Kevorkian brings us back to a time when eugenics was popular in this
> country.  Eliminate the inferior from our society.
> Jack Kevorkian represents the worst of our throw away society.
> By awarding Jack Kevorkian you endorse the elimination of people with
> disabilities.
> I ask you to not award Jack Kevorkian but to give the award to a
> rights activist that has worked to promote the integration not elimination
> of people with disabilities - Justin Dart Jr.  a real humanist.
> Thank you
> Bob Kafka
> 1339 Lamar Sq Dr  Suite 101
> Austin, Texas  78704
> bkafka@juno.com
> Contrary to popular myth and the Gleitsman Foundation press release,
> Kevorkian's "career" has little to do with "compassion." As detailed in
> own writings, Kevorkian advocated euthanasia and assisted suicide since
> late 1950s as part of a plan to exploit living people - who could be
> treated as if they were dead - for lethal medical experimentation.  For
> over 30 years, Kevorkian focused on death row prisoners, wanting to give
> condemned
> persons the option to be put to death through general anesthesia, as long
> as they agreed to be kept alive and sedated for hours or days for the
> purpose of surgical experimentation.  Some prisoners said "yes" to
> Kevorkian, but society said "no."
> In the 1980s, it became clear to Kevorkian that resistance to his death
> agenda was insurmountable.  Therefore, he turned to a group of people
> assisted deaths and medical exploitation would meet with greater public
> acceptance: old, ill, and disabled
> people. The majority of Kevorkian's body count consists of middle-aged
> women with chronic conditions and disabilities. Below are the stories of
> some of the people who ended their
> lives at Kevorkian's hands:
> Esther Cohan, age 46, had multiple sclerosis.  A wheelchair user, Cohan
> lived in a walk-up apartment.  She had to call the fire department to go
> out anywhere.  Esther could have had a life with few limitations if
> accessible housing had been readily available.
> Judith Curren, age 42, showed no anatomical signs of disease on autopsy.
> Curren married her psychiatrist and reported domestic abuse by him on
> several occasions.  By the time her husband's last hearing came up, she
> dead.  Since she was not there to testify against him, charges were
> dropped.  Her husband drove her to Michigan.
> Roosevelt Dawson, age 21, was a quadriplegic, who had been recently
> disabled by a spinal cord infection.  He had no known contact with anyone
> who could have guided him through setting up a good life with a
> On the Leeza show, Dawson's mother reported losing more than one job due
> her hospital visits to her son.  She also suggested that Dawson was
> that his condition might present a financial burden that would
> prevent his younger siblings from going to college.  Members of a local
> disability organization tried to make contact with Dawson, but arrived too
> late, after he'd left the hospital.
> Matthew Johnson, age 26, was a quadriplegic who had been injured only nine
> months before his death.  Johnson had spent months waiting for his HMO to
> deliver a wheelchair.  It arrived the day after his death at Kevorkian's
> hands.
> Lisa Lansing, age 42, was reported to have chronic inflammatory bowel
> disease, although no signs of physical illness were discovered on autopsy.
> Her body was delivered by a friend,
> Margaret Johnson.  Johnson is the sole beneficiary of Lansing's $500,000
> estate.
> Sherry Ann Miller, age 44, had multiple sclerosis.  She had lost custody
> her children in a divorce because of her diagnosis with multiple
> Miller was forced to move in with her parents after being unable to find
> suitable employment, housing
> or care.
> Loretta Peabody, age 54, had multiple sclerosis.  A homemaker, Peabody
> lived with multiple sclerosis for 27 years before contacting Kevorkian.
> She had recently learned of her husband's long-term affair with a
> Karen Shofstall, age 34, had early and relatively mild MS.  Her family
> Kevorkian as a serial killer.  They say she'd felt embarrassed following
> incident of incontinence at work when she contacted Kevorkian.  Her
> boyfriend supported her assisted suicide plans.  They have tried to sue
> wrongful death, but Kevorkian is considered "judgement proof" so attorneys
> won't take their case.
> Wallace Spolar, age 69, had multiple sclerosis and heart disease. Reports
> indicated frustration with getting around and fear about his options.
> Geoffrey Fieger (Kevorkian's attorney) said Spolar wanted to die because
> was afraid of ending up in "one of
> those rat-infested nursing homes to be warehoused by 'Nurse Ratched
> [sic].'"
> Joseph Tushkowski, age 45, was a partial quadriplegic who had moved to
> Nevada from California to live with his mother. Tushkowski found that
> attendant services in Nevada were almost nonexistent and was forced to
> on his mother for attendant care.  Kevorkian removed his kidneys and
> offered them for transplants; there were no takers.  Medical examiner
> Dragovic ruled the death a homicide followed by post-mortem mutilation,
> saying, "we're talking about a chopped-up body."
> Marjorie Lee Wantz, age 58, had unexplained pain, a long history of
> depression, and other psychiatric problems.  Nothing that would have
> explained Wantz's pain was found on autopsy.
> Kevorkian performed no examination prior to assisting her suicide.
> Not Dead Yet, ndyet@aol.com
> It appears that two of the email addresses posted for Gleitsman judges had
> typos. The incorrect ones are for Ted Danson and Gloria Steinem.
> contact info is below:
> Sorry,
> Steve Drake, NDY
> Ted Danson
> C/o American Oceans Campaign
> 600 Pennsylvania Ave. SE  Suite 210
> Washington, DC 20003
> (202)544-3526 (P)
> (202)544-5625 (F)
> aocdc@wizard.net
> Gloria Steinem
> C/o Ms. Magazine
> 20 Exchange Place
> 22nd floor
> New York, NY 10005
> ph (212)509-2092
> fax (212)509-2407
> info@msmagazine.com
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