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Global Peace Walk 2000 from San Francisco to Washington DC and to New York
City, for the 55th anniversary of the United Nations and to help inaugurate
the UN Year and Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century,
is now in New Mexico for a month of events to help fulfill its mission of
bringing out the prayer for "Global Peace Now!" as a universal human
resolve, the first step towards actually realizing true global peace.

Last week's local events in Phoenix, AZ, included ceremonies and meetings
with representatives of Senator John McCain, and the Mayor of Phoenix who
offered his proclamation of Phoenix as a Global Peace Zone.  The Governor of
Arizona also offered a letter of support.  Both of these representatives
agreed that the first essential step for the cause of global peace is for
all of humanity to embrace this firm resolve for "Global Peace Now!".   A
new Independent US Presidential candidacy was formally announced at the
walk's ceremony outside Senator McCain's office and the scheduled new
clean-energy technology presentation by a local inventor was cancelled.

In Albuquerque, on the Tuesday, April 4th, anniversary of the assasination
of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the local Global Peace Walk takes place
at 11AM from Robinson Park to the Mayor's office.

In Santa Fe, on Friday, April 7th the local walk begins at 12noon after an
11AM ceremony at the Children's Peace Statue located behind the downtown
Post Office in the Plaza at Paseo de Peralta and Old Taos Hwy.  The walk
will go by City Hall and end at the State Capitol Rotunda.   At Noon on
Saturday, April 8th, the traditional Buddha's Birthday anniversary, a
"Finishing Karma Ceremony" will be conducted by Global Peace Walk initiator
and Zen Buddhist Monk Yusen Yamato at the memorial gravestones in Rosario
Cemetery of the WWII Japanese Internment Camp whose entrance is located at
Paseo de Peralta and Hwy 285.  Mayor Delgado participated in a previous
ceremony at this site after proclaiming Santa Fe a Global Peace Zone.
Governor Johnson gave a support letter to the Global Peace Walk in 1995 and
he and Mayor Delgado have been invited to this April 8th ceremony.

On Friday evening, April 14th, the band called Big Mountain will headline a
benefit concert for the Global Peace Walk 2000 at Albuquerque's El Rey
Theater with tickets available at the theater or through Ticketmaster.

In Taos, on Saturday, April 22nd, the 6th annual Global Peace Walk EarthDay
gathering will take place in Kit Carson Park beginning with a sunrise
ceremony.   This EarthDay2000 event is among thousands worldwide expected to
involve 500 million people from nearly every country of the globe in support
of the "Clean Energy Now!" campaign.   In 1995 Taos became the first city to
become a Global Peace Zone by mayoral proclamation in support of the Global
Peace Walk project's goal of creating a worldwide Global Peace Zone.

"Supporting the work of the Global Peace Walk 2000 and its Earth Day
celebration is vitally important.  I strongly encourage your organization to
actively participate in planning and funding activities associated with this
educational, action-oriented effort", says Earth Day Network National
Coordinator Christopher J. Curtis in his support letter for Global Peace
Walk 2000.

Daily updates on the walk's location are recorded on the voicemail at
415-267-1877 where messages for the walkers may also be left.   Flyers and
latest details/updates for Global Peace Walk local coordinators may be found
at http://www.egroups.com/group/global-peace-walk .

Global Peace Walk 2000 took its first step from the War Memorial
Building in San Francisco, on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday on
January 15, 2000, after a morning ceremony conducted by Western Shoshone
indigenous spiritual leader Corbin Harney <http://www.shundahai.org> and
Reverend Yamato.  The initiating route of the Global Peace Walk project took
place in 1995 from January 15th to June 20th from New York to San Francisco
for the UN50th anniversary.

Along the way Global Peace Walk 2000 has received letters and proclamations
of support from many religious, community and political leaders, including
the mayors of San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Cruz,
Monterey, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo (County Board of Supervisors), Santa
Barbara, Bakersfield, and Tehachapi, CA;  Las Vegas, NV;  Williams,
Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, AZ; Gallup, NM; and the Navajo Nation.

The number of walkers is being kept intentionally small (a few dozen) until
the main rendezvous of branch routes with peacewalkers from around the world
who may join the last ten weeks from the August 6th Hiroshima Day gathering
under the famous East-West Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Many survival issue messages are being collected by the walk for delivery in
Washington DC and to the United Nations.  Supporters of the walk, and its
"Global Peace Now!" message, may or may not support all of these survival
issue messages.

The Global Peace Walkers are carrying petitions, messages, and information
to educate and network with people and groups on such survival issues as:
The Abolition2000 call to ban nuclear weapons worldwide;  Protecting Land &
Life and other environmental and social issues;  Native American issues
(e.g., Leonard Peltier clemency; Big Mountain Dineh relocation, AZ, Ward
Valley nuclear waste dump, CA; Nevada Nuclear Test Site and Yucca Mountain
Nuclear Waste Dump - Shoshone treaty violations);  Sustainable global
economy (e.g., permaculture, industrial hemp); Alternative healing/medicine;
medical cannabis/marijuana relegalization; Global conflict resolution by
creating a Culture of Peace and a Spiritual United Nations; the World
Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement; Peace Pagoda Project; Global
Peace Zone Project;  Proper funding to complete research and development
of the New Clean-Energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel
power and neutralize radioactive wastes; and other issues that people offer
to the walkers along the way.

For the New Mexico events, specially invited presenters include Hiroshima
A-Bomb survivor "Thomas" Takashi Tanemori of the Silkworm Peace Institute,
New Clean-Energy technology inventor Paul LeBreton of Laguna, and Ann
McCormick of Compassionate Moms and Cures-Not-Wars who joined the walk in
Phoenix and whose son Todd McCormick is a California cancer patient and
medical cannabis user sentenced to five years imprisonment in Los Angeles
Federal Court on March 27, 2000, in a case followed by the national media
because the Federal Government denied the validity of the California medical
use law (Proposition 215) and because of actor Woody Harrelson's posting of
Todd's half million dollar bail while awaiting trial and sentencing.

On Saturday, May 6th, the Global Peace Walkers will return to Albuquerque to
take part in the Medical Marijuana March event there, one of 79 cities
worldwide that day conducting such events in support of harm reduction
policies, medical cannabis relegalization, and legalization of the
anti-addiction rainforest vine root extract Ibogaine now in advanced stages
of government testing for its demonstrated ability to end heroin and cocaine
addiction for many people with one treatment.

On Saturday, October 7, 2000, the Global Peace Walk will arrive to The White
House in Washington DC bringing accumulated letters and messages (more
papers than Ken Starr delivered to Congress?) and "The Message of Peace” to
US Government leaders.    On Sunday, October 8th, the walkers will conduct a
ceremony to mark the 200th anniversary of the construction of the US Capitol
and The White House, taking place at the original geographic center of the
Capitol complex (the "Jefferson Strone") where the Washington Monument was
to be sited before discovery that the ground would not support its weight.
On the Monday, October 9th Columbus Day Holiday (also John Lennon's 60th
birthday and, according to the Smithsonian Institute, the recognized 1000
year anniversary of the Vikings' landing in America) a "Millennial Peace
Ceremony" will be conducted with perhaps over one million people
participating, including major political figures and candidates, to
rededicate the Washington Monument as a "Symbol of The Message of Peace".

Global Peace Walk 2000 will end in New York City at the United Nations on
October 24th, 2000 (United Nations Day, 55th anniversary of ratification of
UN Charter created June 20, 1945) to deliver its accumulated letters and
The Message of Peace to the world government leaders, to reaffirm the
original principles of the United Nations Charter to “save succeeding
generations from the scourge of war...reaffirm faith in the dignity of human
rights” to “live together in peace”, and to help inaugurate the UN Year and
Decade of Creating a Culture of Peace for the 21st Century.

"Living On the Globe with All Our Friends"

"Global Peace Now!"


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