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Subject: Another homeless death in Toronto
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Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
Media advisory
April 3, 2000

Segauraum Aneshlingham: Another
homeless person dies in Toronto

TDRC and its allies return to Toronto City Hall for vigil
Tuesday, April 4, 2000 * 12 noon

Mr. Segauraum Aneshlingham, a homeless man, died late last week. As it does
on a regular basis to mark the death of homeless people, the Toronto
Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC) will hold a vigil at Toronto City Hall at
12 noon on Tuesday, April 4th. "These deaths should not become
commonplace," says Alicia Odette, a nurse with Street Health.

It is with "anger and outrage" that the TDRC and its allies will return to
Nathan Phillips Square to protest the rising death toll in Toronto's
homeless population. "Human rights activists throughout the world are now
contemplating using the word 'genocide' to describe the homeless disaster
in Canada," says TDRC's Cathy Crowe, also a street nurse. "After all, it is
well known that homeless people are dying early deaths and that these
deaths can be prevented."

The TDRC will deliver a letter to Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman demanding that
the city investigate the multitude of homeless deaths that have occurred in
Toronto. The TDRC is calling on the Mayor to pubicize the results widely
and send them to other levels of government so that they can respond to
these unacceptable human rights abuses.

For information:
Kira Heineck 	
416-703-8482, x411


Housing for all

The One Percent Solution - a national
strategy to end homelessness in Canada

Michael Shapcott
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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